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Pharmaceutical Quality Systems that benefit the business

Pragmatic, risk-based, process orientated

An effective and robust Pharmaceutical Quality System is essential for successful and efficient manufacturing. At JWQC our staff collectively have several decades of experience working within pharmaceutical manufacturing organisations.

By working with us, you bring on board a breadth of knowledge that will benefit all areas of your business at the same time as providing batch certification services.


So how can we help you?

The key to our success when working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, large and small, is our fresh look at the Pharmaceutical Quality System.  Our straight forward, systemised, processed-based thinking will help you to visualise and improve your own systems.

Whether you are a new manufacturer introducing new systems or an established manufacturer that wants to simplify systems that have become over-complex, we will help you to achieve your goals.

Our services to pharmaceutical manufacturers include:

Contract Qualified Person services

  • Batch Certification
  • Pharmaceutical Quality System Improvements
  • Interim Quality Management
  • Training, Mentoring and GMP Education
  • Tools to ensure Product Specification Files (PSF) reference all source information

Audit Services

  • GMP audits of the drug product manufacturing supply chain, particularly for importation of IMPs
  • Audits for supplier and service provider approval

Strategic Quality Solutions

  • Process Mapping
  • PQS Improvements
  • Root Cause Analysis

Now, let’s talk:

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