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Strategic Quality Direction

Are you developing a completely new facility or do you need to establish and implement new processes?  Perhaps you have a long established business that is expanding its capabilities to include the manufacture of medicinal products?  Either way, JWQC can help you to clearly visualise and then realise the GMP systems that you will need for a successful manufacturing licence application.


Training & Mentoring

Regular mentoring and training of personnel to educate your staff builds on the established systems and ensures that your Pharmaceutical Quality System is effective in driving continuous improvement for the benefit of the business.  This can be achieved through bespoke training or on a day to day basis as part of our QP service.

Pharmaceutical Quality Systems

If your systems have become over – complex or if you have recurring quality issues JWQC personnel have the capability to analyse your system and streamline your processes. We take a fresh look at your Pharmaceutical Quality System to help your organisation design straight forward, processed‑based systems.  This might include self‑inspection, gap analysis and process mapping to design simple, risk‑based, pragmatic systems which are the key to successful quality outcomes.


Providing Quality Solutions

Supporting the establishment and Implementation of new GMP systems

Training, Education and Mentoring to consolidate the established systems

Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS) Improvements

  • Root cause analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Process Mapping

Examples of our work

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